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astro auctions bids

TCredits for Astro Auctions

Using TCredits to bid in an Astro Auction (AA) is part of my Latest Revised SFI Daily Work Plan. I want to get the highest Return on Investment (ROI) from each TCredit I spend. I bid in AA every day I log in to my SFI Affiliate Center Homepage. The Affiliate Business homepage is your Office Dashboard. It is where you work building your different SFI Business Potential Income Stream Opportunities. Each auction gives free entry to 2 Jackpots, Rocket Box (1000 RT), and Supernova incremental 1000 RT prize (I have seen it as big as 27000 RT). I have won 3 Supernova prizes of 14000 RT, 9000 RT, and 4000 RT. Also earn up to 5 Constellation Prizes in each; Rewardicals (20-30% more each TC), Versapoints, Daily Crown entries, and games extras. 1 TCredit bid in each AstroAuction delivers the highest ROI.

Free Bid for New Astro_Auction Users

If you have never participated in an Astro Auction, SFI offers you a free bid so you try them. At the beginning of each hour go to the AA Index page. One of the auctions will show you a FREE BID! button instead of the regular BID! button. If no free bid is available, keep trying, six will be offered, first come first serve, every hour. After each Auction assigned free bid is used the regular button will show again. So be ready when a new hour begins. Read the Official SFI Info.

1 TCredit AA Bid

I have learned that there is only one way to achieve my goal of earning the highest ROI from each TCredit I use. And it is using it to bid in an (AA) Astro Auction. To get the Best Highest ROI, you have to bid only 1 TCredit in each Auction.

You have started the ‘T-Time Many Times Routine‘, doing T-Time with your cellphone is very convenient when out of the home. You should start winning free TCredits. Now It’s time to start your ‘Astro Auctions Bidding Routine‘. In the beginning, you will have 2 TCredits when you win a T-Time Contest. You can start bidding using the AA ‘Auto Pilot’ feature. Read the Post ‘Astro Auction Bids as Free Associate

What are Astro Auctions bids and how do they work.

Remember to know the difference between SFI Time and Your Local Time.

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