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Benefits of the ECA Program

The ECA Program allows existing businesses to sell their products through the Tripleclicks marketplace. E-Commerce associates benefit not only through access to an existing online presence and platform, but through the efforts of more than 75,000 SFI affiliates who will market the products.

There is no cost to cheap jerseys join, and there are no listing fees. Assistance is also available to new ECAs while they learn to list nba their products. At the point of sale, there is a handling fee, typically 15%, which covers the marketers’ fees and Tripleclicks’ processing of the financials. ECAs never need to bill customers; Tripleclicks collects payment and passes on the balance to the ECA after deducting the fee.

Some ECAs choose to offer a higher percentage for particular products which, in turn, encourages affiliates to give higher priority to marketing those products. However, cheap nfl jerseys many ECAs offer 15% across the board and are highly successful.

Why should affiliates Receives actively recruit wholesale nfl jerseys new ECAs? Very simply, it is a win-win scenario. The ECAs benefit from increased sales, and the affiliate who recruited them earns residual income each month when the ECA makes sales. The 15% is split between Tripleclicks, the affiliate who referred the product to the customer, and the affiliate who recruited the ECA. That affiliate earns 10% commission volume.

Essentially, the recruiting affiliate has a responsibility to support the ECA, and in return gets 10% off the top. If an Internet ECA you recruit earns $2,000 a month, cheap mlb jerseys you make $200. If your ECA earns $20,000, then you make $2,000. This occurs automatically every month the ECA remains a member of Tripleclicks. Obviously, the better support you provide, and the more you market those products, the more the ECA will earn, and the more you will make.

Who makes a good ECA? Anyone who sells products or services is eligible. Recruiting smaller businesses is usually easier, because there are fewer intermediaries between the affiliate and the decision makers. Main Street businesses skal are often the best place to start, though affiliates generally already have contacts who would benefit from the program. Business owners who have been considering expanding their businesses online appreciate not having to pay monthly hosting fees and a professional to build a site. Owners who have an existing website know that increased presence and an additional platform, at no additional Room cost, can only increase their sales.

Since there is literally nothing to lose, and everything to gain, the ECA program is a win-win for everyone: business owners, affiliates, and the customers on six continents who have access to new products.

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  1. When you talk to small business owners, be sure to ask them if they have an existing e-commerce solution. Most will say no, or that they want to expand it. That opens up room for you to introduce the ECA program, emphasizing that it is risk-free and has no hosting fees.

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