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Localvantia Pre Register Potential

Localvantia Pre Register Potential

Local pre register potential. I found that you need to be EA to be able to pre-register merchants in the TripleClicks.com, Localvantia program. I learned in the forum that if later you loose EA rank you don’t loose your registered merchants but you won’t earn commissions until you rank EA again.  = // READ POST HERE  // =
Consider making EA 3 months and aggressively work on pre-registering Merchants. I consider this is a great opportunity. The program is groundbreaking.

Affiliates will earn VPs buying to Localvantia Local Merchants in their cities. In your city, those merchants you pre-registered that become registered. All affiliates in your country will earn VPs by buying in local stores registered with Localvantia. For each VersaPoint dispensed by your merchants, you’ll earn one Bonus VP!

Imagine you’ve signed up a popular restaurant or grocery store that SFI affiliates shop at, who earn themselves 50,000 VP a month from their purchases there. That’s 50,000 Bonus VP (shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool +- $18) for you each month, essentially just for introducing the merchant to the Localvantia program. And that’s just for ONE merchant; you could have lots more merchants!

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