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Mighty 101 Eco-Friendly Cleaner


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Mighty 101 Eco-Friendly Cleaner. Non-Toxic cleaner
Mighty 101
Standard Pack

10 +1 Free= 11 Bottles
$18.95 / Free Shipping
Mighty 101
Value Pack

15 +2 Free= 17 Bottles
$24.95 / Free Shipping
Mighty 101
Best Buy Pack

25 +5 Free= 30 Bottles
$29.95 / Free Shipping

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Mighty 101 All-Purpose Eco-Friendly Cleaner. Non-toxic, people safe, pet safe, economical cleaning solution. It has Free Shipping. Just add one sachet contents to 750ml (25oz) of water in a spray bottle. Mix and you’re ready to go.

Mighty 101 Eco-Friendly cleaner

So what does Mighty101 clean?

We don’t sell this product anymore

✔ Carpets, Fabric Stains & Upholstery Cleaner
Mighty101 is an astonishing stain remover, and we like to think it is the ultimate emergency cleaning product when those unforeseen accidents occur. 

✔ Astonishing Kitchen Degreaser
Mighty 101 Eco-Friendly cleaner is tough enough to degrease industrial kitchens but gentle enough and non-toxic cleaner to use in your home, around you and your pets, and really helps the planet too.

✔ Sensational Bathroom Cleaner
Mighty101 is brilliant at removing soap scum from bathtubs, limescale from shower cubicles and really makes your glass and chrome fittings sparkle.

✔ Outstanding Window, Glass, and Screen Cleaner
Mighty 101 Eco-Friendly cleaner. A powerful but gentle glass cleaner that will leave windows, glass, and all types of electrical screens smear-free. 

✔ Cars, RV’s, Trucks and Boats
Mighty101 all-purpose cleaner is the ultimate car & boat cleaning product. Use Mighty101 on all types of paintwork, PVC, and fiberglass. It will remove the toughest of grease and grime or traffic film from alloy wheels and gel coats. In addition, use mighty101 inside cars, boats, and RVs …it’s great for cleaning carpets, upholstery, leather, and headliners. 

✔ Fantastic Jewellery & Watch Cleaner
Mighty101 eco-friendly cleaner is a fantastic all-purpose jewelry cleaning product and is safe to use on all precious metals and stones. However, please note, we do not advise you to use it on pearls.

Mighty 101 Eco-Friendly Cleaner

We don’t sell this product anymore

Mighty 101 Eco-Friendly Cleaner. Non-Toxic cleaner.

Mighty 101 Eco-Friendly cleaner. Also is a Non-Toxic cleaner.

We don’t sell this product anymore

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