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Sales Quota Rank L5 to L10

Sales Quota Rank Level 5 is the first of the Rank Levels based on your monthly sales volume. It requires a $5 sales quota. After Level 4, your advancement (L5 all the way to Level 20) will be based purely on your sales volume (which can be any combination of retail sales and/or personal purchases).

You have access to the 6 Building Blocks in your Affiliate Page DashBoard when you have at least an L6 Rank Level. Level 6 requires a $10 sales quota.

✔ 42% Direct Commissions*

✔ 4% Generation Override Commissions on your 2nd generation affiliates*

✔ 4 Bonus Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) added to your team each month*

✔ An additional business Building Block

✔ 20 Bonus Rewardical Tokens (RTs) every month*

✔ 1-10 Rewardical matches for RTs earned by your Personally Referred Members (PRMs)* 

✔ Up to 900 Referral RTs every month for each qualified referral**

✔ 4 Bonus entries in the Daily Grand drawing

✔ Sport this upgraded Level 6 Builder rank badge (includes 600 Badge Quest points):

Level 7 requires $15. Level 8 requires $20. Level 9 requires $25. Level 10 requires $35 in sales. And so on. View all level requirements, perks, and benefits for each Level HERE


It doesn’t matter if your Rank Level is; FREE L1 to L4 or Sales Quota Ranks L5 up to L20. DAILY, You must log in to your SFI Affiliate Homepage HERE  then Unlock and review your Building Blocks EVERY DAY.

15+4 PSA for ($9.50)($0.50 ea. PSA)
20 PSA for ($15)($0.75 ea. PSA)

  1. Unlock and review your Building Blocks every day

  2. Apply what you learn

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