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SFI Work Routines Step by Step

SFI Work Routines Step by Step

SFI Work Routines Step by Step. In this pages I will write information and Advice about To-Do list Tasks and all other actions you have to do to SUCCEED.

SFI Work Routines Step by Step. SFI has 5 programs or opportunities with income building potential. Working ea. and all of them is what could produce streaming income. I say could because it depends in the commitment to work and work hard and keep doing so for ideally 3 yrs., at least 2 yr. I want to be clear that it takes time and effort.  For the active affiliates that stay at affiliate rank it is imperative to do all the To Do list tasks. Daily, Weekly and Monthly. The marketing support and other support will always be given for all active members. As free Affiliate being active requirement is login daily and doing at least all the tasks to earn 10 VP every day.

When you join SFI your rank is Affiliate. That’s the most basic rank in the SFI networking structure. To compare the added value of each Rank see the  Benefits Chart  . If you are really serious about working SFI Business opportunity and building a growing income you have to work hard and commit yourself to a daily work routine.  As Affiliate you will earn only from ‘Direct Commissions’. The first rank that will give you access to all SFI business income possibilities is EA. As ‘Executive Associate’, in addition to all your team PSA (Personally Sponsored Associates) and TripleClicks.com store PRM (Personally Referred Members) people that register as customers of the TC store (not SFI Affiliates) DC (direct commissions), you will also earn CSC (Co-Sponsor Commissions) from all CSA (Co-Sponsor Associates) that as EA you will be able to receive. See the Compensation Plan  . As your own Genealogy (team PSAs and CSAs) grows, you will learn that many tend to be inactive affiliate rank. The challenge is giving support to these group and motivate them to work the ‘Daily To-Do list Tasks’ in their SFI affiliate center page. In your team those keeping EA rank have to get the highest support and help. To my Gen-1 PSA with EA rank I will share New PSA signups from my Team Managed Marketing COOP to help them build their own Team genealogy. No matter what rank the affiliate have, EVERYBODY should complete the ‘Daily To-Do List Tasks’ and earn the 10 VP from doing this tasks EVERYDAY.

With the New SFI Compensation Plan that started on 6/01/18 the VPs earned by affiliates if less than 1500 VP will rollover month after month until they rank EA. If they don’t keep rank as EA they will lose all CSA earned as EA and will start new month with zero VPs and will rollover VP balance from month to month until rank EA again. A great opportunity to start your SFI business when ready to work hard to succeed.

To start building your SFI Affiliate Network Business you have to Login every day in your Affiliate account page to earn 10 VP (Versa Points) doing at least the minimum required ‘Daily To Do Task’ actions.

NEXT, Learn doing the DAILY TO DO LIST TASKS actions.


3 thoughts on “SFI Work Routines Step by Step

  1. Harriet Aquino says:

    Dear Manuel,

    I had open my daily to do list task today ( Jan 2) and it seems not working . It was somewhat freeze as it just the screen job done yesterday ( Jan 1st) . How can I do the task for today? But , I will try sometime in the afternoon if it does works, however, if it does not, how can I accumulate points for today?

    Thank you and hope I received a reply.

    1. Manuel says:

      Don’t worry. It should update. If internet connection fails and you miss a day, you will loose the 11 VP or more of that day routine. Do your Internet Service fails a lot? Thank You. You are the first to access the blog. I’m new at Word Press. I have to find out setting the user levels. Keep coming. Ask whatever you need to clarify.

  2. Harriet,

    It is really unfortunate when the site is down, because we do lose the 11 VP. Fortunately, at the beginning of the month it is possible to “catch up” by doing the ratings. Is that part working for you?

    Also, you might want to contact Support. They’ve always been very helpful when I asked them for help.

    Have a great day,

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