EA and EA2 Rank

           EA and EA2 Rank. It is not an obligation to buy anything in SFI Business Opportunity. With a sale by a ‘Personally Referred Member’ (PRMs) in your TripleClicks.com store page or different purchases by PRMs adding 1500 VP you make EA2 without spending money yourself. There are other ways to earn VPs and we will cover all the possible ways to make EA/EA2. EA rank is achieved earning 1500 VP. This can be earned by mixed, Sales VPs(TripleClicks.com products purchased by you or PRMs) and Action VPs(doing the Daily/Weekly/Monthly TO-DO List Tasks and other actions you can do in TripleClicks.com).  

                My experience has been that at the beginning, the fastest way to make EA is by making TripleClicks.com (TC) store purchases. After learning to see the whole SFI Business Opportunity picture, the best product to buy is TCredits and I will explain in detail why you should duplicate what I do and why my work model I see as the best to grow the Affiliate Network aspect of SFI business and at the same time developing the other Biz opportunities SFI offers us.

Read my Advice Message Post Ranking EA Start Business for information on getting EA and keeping EA2 Rank.

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