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SMART START Program Ended. Now when you sign up as a New SFI Affiliate you are offered a special ‘SFI LaunchPack’. You will be able to buy the SFI LaunchPack at any time during your first 60 Days as an Affiliate. After the end of your second month as an Affiliate, you will lose the offer.

Smart Start Program

New Affiliates Getting Active Advice

Throughout the 30 days after a new affiliate joins, it’s important to set up some options in your account. See the How to Do It video.

During the first month, SFI rewards new affiliates with high VPs for tasks and training actions in the ‘Getting Started’ section in your ”VP Ledger” page tab. . It’s designed to help you get EA rank if you want to build your SFI Biz up and growing. Now your monthly Actions VPs will roll over, month after month if the balance is less than 1500 VP. You will be EA rank when 1500 VPs are achieved. Then your decision to keep EA rank and work for a better future or lose rank and then VPs rollovers will repeat.

I want to STRESS the fact that it takes TIME and Effort to see your SFI business grow, especially if you stay in Affiliate free rank because of whatever reason. But I tell you it really works.

     To get my full support and advice as an affiliate rank you are required to do the following routines.

  1.   You have to log in and do the TO-DO List Tasks. There are daily/weekly/ monthly tasks.     
  2.  You should join TE programs, Ads websites and promote your own SFI blog or SFI gateways pages.
  3.   You will  learn what I tell you to do, duplicate it and teach your future own Team to do the same

SEE this Video Learn


As you do all your daily tasks earn entries in the (every hour) T-time contest

               Every hour (24 hours a day) at, you’ll have the opportunity to submit a free entry win two free TCredits. At the end of each hour, we draw 35 winners–that’s 840 winners each day!

  YOU joined ‘Strong Future International’ because you want a better quality of life and financial security. What I mean is that you have to decide if you want to achieve this goal and if, yes, seriously commit to the work routines and plans to SUCCEED.      

 EVERY DAY login at your ‘SFI Affiliate Center’ page and do all possible TO-DO List Tasks. Everyday participate in all free Contests; ‘Daily Grand’, ‘SFI Biz Quiz Contest’, ‘T-Time TCredits’ and Play for Free the ‘EagerZebra’ Games. 

                             You are starting now, but I want you to start evaluating the facts and advice about EA rank. Is in this rank that you start building your SFI Business foundations with access to ALL the possible income potential programs.

 Click ‘ EA Rank ‘ and start learning the facts

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