T-Time for free TCredits every hour

T-Time for free TCredits

T-Time for Free TCredits

T-Time for free TCredits every hour (24 hours a day). At TripleClicks.com You have the opportunity to submit a free entry to win two free TCredits. At the end of each hour, we draw 35 winners—that’s 840 winners each day! Submitting your entry is free. No purchase is necessary to participate.  NOTE: Members are limited to 18 entries per day.

Play T-Time Many Times Daily

When you log in every day on your SFI Affiliate page is like going to your SFI Business Office. You are your own boss but also the only employee. The first order of the day is doing all the “DAILY TO DO LIST TASKS”

T-Time using Your Cellphone

T-Time using Your cellphone is an easy and very convenient tool for registering many times each day in T-Time drawings. If you are working during the day or out of the home on errands, you can use your smart cellphone to register in T-Time. Need a smart Android, or iPhone cellphone with internet service. Read my Advice Message Post, T-Time Using Cellphone, and see how to do it in the video.

What are TCredits?  TCredits are a digital currency used at TripleClicks. T-Time for free TCredits. Here are primary uses for TCredits at TripleClicks:

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