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Direct Commissions Income

Direct Commissions Income

Direct Commissions Income. As a FREE affiliate your available program to earn with SFI is TripleClicks.com store. As you read in the 1st page; You will earn 45% of the (CV) of any product purchased by your – 1st Gen PSA or TC store PRM and 15% from your CSA team.

Direct Commissions Income. SFI Business Five Potential Opportunities

Building your Team Genealogy 1st GEN PSA and TC store PRM needs to use online marketing and other tools. It takes a long time so it’s what you have to start setting from day one. The BLOG top menu shows all the pages and their scroll down lists. They tell you what to do to setup everything needed (duplicating my system). More on this later.

This should be your first goal.

If you live in a country where S/H (shipping and handling) of products received by air mail from US is reasonable.

Evaluate if friends or family members like Parents, Grandparents, Uncles and so on, have internet access and which could buy a product without problem. (SO) Standing Order/ monthly purchase is the ideal goal.

Check this TripleClicks.com store departments. They have good ‘Standing Order (SO) products you can sell. There’s a whole line of SFI own products. One of Natural Supplements and Nutrition Products, the other a whole line of Organic and Natural Cleaning Products. Build a Direct Commissions Income.

Health & Wellness Department vitamins, nutrition supplements and other natural health products.

Home & Garden Department specially the natural and organic line of cleaning products.


                      As you work to achieve your first goal, you will be learning to interact with persons and convert them into TripleClicks customers. You are doing offline marketing, selling face to face with persons around you. Check our Blog page covering this, Neighborhood Marketing 


                      I suppose I shouldn’t have to say that you too can buy the products, this and any on the TripleClicks.com Store. But this page is about getting TC members (PRM) signups from your closest people. Your Family. There is lot more about my plan. You can look for and identify Elderly Homes and Condos, wounded veterans, or disabled persons associations and ask permission to post fliers, better yet, make products presentations meetings. With this groups be sensitive and don’t be offensive in your presentation approach. SFI is a home based project and a really great opportunity for this brothers and sisters to the dignity of their own sustain.   

                       Make a work schedule (week or month) that will show your planned Daily offline efforts time table. The offline work efforts I consider most important are:

1- offering and promoting the products available in TripleClicks.com Store

                          2- Identifying and visiting stores, artisans, musicians (selling their music CDs) and others to present the opportunity of joining the TripleClicks.com ECA program and selling their products on the internet with their own free online store.

3- Visiting stores in the city  to offer the LocalVantia program opportunity

                      As for your online working effort, LOG IN EVERY DAY in your SFI Affiliate Center and complete the Daily TO-DO List Tasks (less than 15 min).

                       Understand that you joined ‘Strong Future International’ because you want better quality of life and financial security. What I mean is that you have to decide if you want to achieve this goal and if, yes, seriously commit to the work routines and plans to SUCCEED.      

                       EVERY DAY login at your ‘SFI Affiliate Center’ page and do all possible TO-DO List Tasks.            

                       Learn to start working the SFI Work Routines , setting welcome messages and setting the Marketing our SFI Business

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