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Marketing Our SFI Business

Marketing Our SFI Business

Marketing Resources to build our SFI Business

         Marketing Our SFI Business. I offered and will always offer them the support, help and advice as their Team Leader , the requirement is showing they want to build their SFI business. All affiliates willing to work hard, doing what I teach them, joining our MARKETING as a TEAM  effort   (this is duplication) will be in my SFI managed COOP’s.

1- must Reply my Emails or Team mails, those sent just to you. I need to know the problems you have about building your SFI business. Poor internet connection, money limitations, SFI payment options, do you understand well the info in English? Anything you can tell me will help me think of ways to help you .

2- must LOGIN DAILY in the SFI Affiliates Center  and do all the tasks DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY he can do. The daily login and doing all the available To-Do List Tasks for the day (including rating the ASKsc 10 daily answers) takes no more than  20 minutes. With no downline you earn 347 VP – 377 VP, with at least 1 in your downline you work 467 VP – 497 VP every month.

3- This advice is in relation to one of 4 income potentials in Marketing Our SFI Business opportunity. It’s about building a  members network of PSA (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) and CSA (Co-Sponsor affiliates) and PRM (Personally Referred Members) which are registered users/buyers of TripleClicks.com store, mainly using the gateways marketing pages provided by SFI ‘Strong Future International’ (formerly Six Figure Income). //// I don’t advice this anymore. NOT effective. ////  If you market alone even working hard and for many hours,  your gateways views will be a drop in the sea. We have to market our SFI gateways ALL as one. I advice the EA2 or higher to join some TE. They have to teach their own teams to set the same system so each of their groups market together as one. They EA2 or higher need that their team members join the TE programs with him as the referral and earn a % of the surf credits earned by the members activity so he have more credits for page views plus the credits earned by each of the team members site surfing activities. The EA2 or higher can see what members are working and how much traffic they are generating. For those members staying affiliate rank wanting to learn more and evaluate the validity and potential of Marketing Our SFI Business opportunity.

//// I don’t advice this anymore. NOT effective. //// In marketing our SFI business.  must join our Marketing as a Team project by joining TE programs and earning advertising credits working viewing sites. Let me know time you have available to work the Marketing project. More on this very SOON.  My PSA and CSA team will receive my emails with URLs to sign in TE programs. Members in my team that are Team leaders themselves will duplicate the emails edited with their own TE programs referrers URLs and send them to their own team members. So they join under him in the TEs. We will ALL market the same team COOPs to promote sign ups for our Teams.

Go to page ‘Marketing as a Team Project’ for further details.

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