‘Marketing as a Team’

As today 03/28/16 (3.5 years as SFI member and EA2 active) this is not part of my SFI building working model. This is so because it needs strong team commitment or otherwise the most committed to build their SFI business will be working for the lazy free riders. It’s good to join 1 or two traffic exchange programs to build traffic to your pages. Specially if you have your own Domain Name site.

                When you join SFI your rank is Affiliate. That’s the most basic rank in the SFI networking structure. To compare the added value of each Rank see the  Benefits Chart  . If you are really serious about working SFI Business opportunity and building a growing income you have to work hard and commit yourself to a daily work routine. 

                 I just ended my first year as SFI member. I finished 1st in my class (the group of affiliates /2356/ that joined at the same day) so earned the E365 ENTREPRENEUR CHALLENGE. Have the 12 EA streak (months) and will get the 365 Daily Versa Points streak (doing all the daily To-Do List Tasks without fail) for a year. I was never contacted by my Sponsor nor received support from him so that’s no reason to fear failure. 

                 To me, been a reliable, sincere and supportive Team Leader is very important. You will see why as you further learn the SFI business aspects. ‘Marketing as a Team’ project is part of my support plan. It is aimed at helping those that  for the moment have to stay Affiliate rank for whatever reason but are interested in the SFI business opportunity.          

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  1. Manuel has been invaluable in helping me build my business. His enthusiasm and ability to motivate his team are phenomenal. His work is definitely worth studying.

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