SFI Work Plan Routines

SFI Work Plan Routines to do

SFI Work Plan Routines

My SFI Work Plan Routines. As with any new routine you want to adopt, at first, you have to force yourself to do it with discipline. It will be something you will do naturally in a short time becoming second nature to you. Will miss it the day you fail to do it.

When you log in every day on your SFI Affiliate page is like going to your SFI Business Office. You are your own boss but also the only employee. The first order of the day is doing all the “DAILY TO DO LIST TASKS”

Make the 10 TO DO LIST TASKS an Everyday Routine

To be considered active in SFI you must make the ‘TO DO DAILY LIST TASKS’ a daily routine. They are 10 tasks that will earn you 10 VP every day. It will take you less than 20 minutes to complete them. Start doing this routine today.
Post daily-to-do-list-tasks/

Important Start Actions on First Day

On the first day, you log in, after doing the Daily To-Do List Tasks you have to open your VP Ledger and need to ‘Confirm your Registration’ and ‘Whitelist SFI email’ mail@sfimg.com. Read the Post Important Start Actions Required watch the video and do as I do.

Duplicate what I do. My SFI Work Plan Routines works.

Will post more advice regularly very soon.

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