SFI Work Plan Routines

SFI Work Plan Routines To Do

SFI Work Plan Routines. Win Free TCredits

My SFI Work Plan Routines work. As with any new routine you want to adopt, at first, you have to force yourself to do it with discipline. It is something you will do naturally in a short time becoming second nature to you. You will feel bad the day you fail to do it. All the routines and other tasks I advise you to do here are to be done immediately. That is if you are serious about working your Business SFI daily routine. Adopting the 3 daily routines is to be started from day one and keep on doing them. The other setups and tasks to be completed (they take like 2 minutes) are something to do in your first days as an affiliate. Do them while you do your DAILY TO DO LIST TASKS routine. You can win Free TCredits with T-Time.

Level UP NOW Rank Level 4 for FREE

SFI is designed to bring you along in a super-simple, easy, and step-by-step fashion through 20 rank levels of the SFI program. With each level advancement, you’ll unlock multiple additional perks and benefits—including higher commissions, juicier bonuses, access to valuable business resources, and more. 

Leveling up in rank is simple. In fact, new Affiliates can advance all the way to Level 4 Builder in as little as 10 minutes! Just visit your SFI Affiliate Center homepage to view your Level Up panel. If you haven’t leveled up yet, simply complete the very brief quiz to instantly advance to Levels 1-4 (FREE Rank Levels)  Read LAUNCHPAD Lesson

L5 is the FIRST Sales Quota Level Rank

After Level 4, you’re finished with quizzes to advance in rank. Your advancement (all the way to Level 20) will be based purely on your sales volume (which can be any combination of retail sales and/or personal purchases).

Read the Post Sales Quota Rank L5 to L10

For example, just $5 in sales qualifies an affiliate for the rank of Level 5 Builder. Level 6 requires $10. Level 7 requires $15. Level 8 requires $20. Level 9 requires $25. Level 10 requires $35 in sales. And so on. View all level requirements, perks, and benefits for each Level HERE

Daily To-Do Tasks

Loggin every day on your SFI Affiliate Page

With my work plan, I advise buying TCredit Packs to bid daily in Astro Auctions and PriceBenders Auctions. Building your Team of Gen1 PSA is very Important so I advise you to consider buying some New SignUp PSA packs. Is what I’m doing.

On the first day log in to your SFI Affiliate page, after doing All the Daily To-Do List Tasks, you Need to ‘Confirm your Registration’ and ‘Whitelist SFI email’ mail@sfimg.com. Read the Post>> Important Start Actions Required. Watch the video and see how I do it.

Play T-Time Contest many times a Day

Playing T-Time contests many times a day is an important part of my SFI work plan routine to do. The TO DO DAILY TASKS includes playing in 1 T Time contest. With each T-Time drawing, you can win 2 FREE TCredits. If you enter only one T-Time contest a day you might win 2 free TCredits once every month or 2 months or even longer. You should play a T-Time contest many times a day. Can play every hour of the day. The prize is 2 TCredits FREE.

Submit Your T-Time FREE Entry; RIGHT NOW

You can earn more T-Time 2 TCredits prizes each month. Do my T-Times Many Times Routine, T-Time Contest Many Times a Day. You can play each hour. The prize is 2 FREE TCredits. Click the post link below. Watch the videos. It is an important daily routine I strongly advise you to follow.

Read Post T-Time for FREE TCredits Every Hour

SFI Work Plan TO DO LIST TASKS Everyday Routine

Log in daily to your SFI Affiliate page is like going to your SFI Business Office. You are your own boss but also the only employee. Below see my Everyday Work Plan Routines. They are the online work tasks to do when you log in each day on your SFI Affiliate Center Homepage. Your office tasks.

Doing the DAILY TO DO TASKS‘ is a REQUIRED ROUTINE. To be considered active in SFI you must make the ‘TO DO DAILY LIST TASKS’ a daily routine. They are 6 tasks that will earn you up to 6 tickets for the DAILY GRAND Drawing. Also, play the T-Time contest. It will take you less than 15 minutes to complete them. Start doing this routine today.
Read the Post daily-to-do-list-tasks

T-Time Many Times Routine

T-Time Many Times MUST DO ROUTINE. When you do the DAILY TO-DO LIST TASKS in the ‘Win It!’ tab you will register for 1 T-Time drawing each day. 35 winners will win 2 TCredits each. There is a T Time draw every hour (24 hrs.) so every day, 840 members will win 2 TCredits each. I register in T-Time drawings many times a day. It is a very important routine in my SFI work plan. Note – Limited to 18 entries per day.

By doing T-Time Many Times a daily routine, you should win a significant amount of free T Credits each month. Read the Advice Posts T-Time for Free TCredits and T-Time Using Cellphone watch the videos. Again I repeat my advice. Enter every day in as many hour T-Time contests as you can. There is a limit of 18 entries per day. In the posts you will see my wins/month record, I get 10-30 FREE TCredits by winning in many T-Time drawings each month. And Thanks to GOD, I have been getting these results for many months now.

Playing T Time many times a day is not a required SFI daily routine. But it is a MUST DO ROUTINE in my SFI Business Work Plan. By duplicating what I do, you will get a very high ROI (Return On Investment) return from your time and effort.

SFI Time and Your Local Home Time usually are different. The SFI Website is located somewhere within a designated World Time Zone. Your Country and home City also have a Time Zone established. You must be aware of your local time in relation to the S F I website’s official time. Read Advice Post

TCredits are the units you must use to bid in Astro Auctions and PriceBenders Auctions. You can use them to play ‘Eagle Zebra Games’. Also when you buy products on TripleClicks.com, paying with TCredits is an option. DON’T I don’t advise).

SFI Work Plan TCredits Bid Astro Auctions

My SFI Work Plan uses TCredits to Bid in Astro Auctions. It is another SFI daily routine they promote a lot. I want to get the highest ROI (Return on Investment) from each TCredit I use. In my SFI Business Work Plan, I only used my TCredits, bidding in Astro Auctions (AA). Furthermore, I learned that there is only one way to achieve my goal using TCredits to bid in (AA) Astro Auctions. To get the Best Highest ROI you have to bid only 1 TCredit in each Astro Auction. Winning FREE TCredits playing T-Time contests will let you bid in more auctions. For Full Details Read Post Astro Auctions Bids.

Duplicate what I do. My SFI Work Plan Routines work. The SFI daily routine, ‘TO DO LIST TASKS’ is required to be recognized as an active SFI Affiliate.

Will post more advice regularly very soon.

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